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    Pet home - Zhanghaiao

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    Pet home - Zhanghaiao

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    Pet home - Zhanghaiao

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    Pet home - Zhanghaiao

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    Pet home - Zhanghaiao

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    Pet home - Zhanghaiao


2019 WAN Awards: Pet home - Zhanghaiao

Copy taken from the 2019 entry
13 Jun 2019

Pet home - Zhanghaiao is an entry in the Residential category at the 2019 World Architecture News Awards.

The relationship between humans and pets is the focus of the overall design for this high-density pet home.  

Firstly, the overall functional zoning has been reorganized. The living room, the second bedroom and the master bedroom form the human living space, and the corridor plus two cottages in the yard form the pet space. The two spaces interlock and interact with one another – a two-space system of Yin and Yang

The symbiotic relationship between pets and humans is reflected in their mutual needs. Pets provide warmth and companionship to humans in exchange for food and living space provided by humans.  

When the number of pets is large and free to roam, it is inevitable there will be a fight for space.  If however, pets are kept isolated in a caged style environment, the pet and human interaction will be lost.

Therefore in this pet home scheme, the pet and the human are both connected and segmented.

By using polycarbonate hollow sheet and frosted acrylic materials to create fuzzy boundaries of different space, people can see the comings and goings in the sitting room of the cat – and the cat walking up and down can see its master through the translucent material.


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