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    Ice Shore House (Berge des glaces) - Indesign/Conrath Architecte

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    Clovelly House by Tom Mark Henry, Photography by Damian Bennett

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    Clovelly House by Tom Mark Henry, Photography by Damian Bennett

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    The Reminiscence of Joy - Herzu Interior Design Ltd.

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    Nest - via architecture limited

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    Nest - via architecture limited


The one-off designs: not your regular homes

Alison Carter
16 Jul 2019

Entries in the large and small one-off homes provide a fascinating insight into how architects’s work can change lives

Clovelly House, an Australian beach house, makes use of unique landscaping and raised zinc cladding for its distinctive design. Inside, a pared-back palette flows throughout the 375sqm home providing a timeless and subtly layered interior. The home captures the joy of living by the beach, in an area is surrounded with classic beach-style bungalows. The use of operable louvered screens provide an adaptable internal and external experience to the building’s surrounding coastline of Clovelly Beach.

Inspired by the duality of metropolitan views and verdant green hills, Nest is a study in contrasts, between the organic and the geometric. The overall palette is built with rich tonalities of greys, with contrasting warmth from the timbers and coolness from furniture and upholstery, achieving an understated backdrop to the amazing views to both sides of the apartment. A study room facing harbour view was removed to create a dual-living area, with a sitting room and entertainment corner, both enjoying the panoramic view of Hong Kong Island and Victoria Harbour. 

The owner’s project brief for the Ice Shore House (Berge des glaces) was to “ensure me freedom in my advanced years.” The client purchased a vacant lot in Verdun situated on a principal artery where a full range of retail businesses are readily accessed and the site provided several alternatives to driving. In spatial terms, the planning facilitates eventual wheelchair use. A smooth level surface connects the city sidewalk, the main entrance and ground floor, as well as the outdoor patio-pool garden yard.

The fragrance of Hinoki is diffused throughout this home, called The Reminiscence of Joy. Each family member living there is busily engaged with their respective jobs but they cherish their memories of travel and the hallways are used for family paintings and travel souvenirs displayed on staggered stainless steel frames bringing a sense of nostalgia every time the family walks through. 

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