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    KAVA & CHAI - 4SPACE Design

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    KAVA & CHAI - 4SPACE Design

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    Gallery of Hyatt Place Sanya - BLVD International

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    CITEDUCIEL APARTMENT Rooftop Duplex Club - Shenzhen Horizon Space Design Co.,Ltd

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    CITEDUCIEL APARTMENT Rooftop Duplex Club - Shenzhen Horizon Space Design Co.,Ltd

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    Quad House - Archistry Design & Research Office. Photos by Zhu Wenqiao.


Inspiring bars, restaurants, clubs and cafes for leisure time

Alison Carter
16 Jul 2019

These entries reflect the wide diversity of designs that go into making leisure spaces restful and enjoyable experiences

The designer of the Citeduciel Apartment, Rooftop Duplex Club merged oriental architectural landscaping into the indoor space by taking into account how aesthetic experiences affect behaviour. The cultural elements of Chinese life are also found throughout the building. 

People enter through the small glass hallway of the Quad House building and go straight into the lobby of the bar. All the materials used were handmade to avoid modern materials. From the lobby, people travel through the corridor, and the space suddenly opens up to lead to the courtyard. The word "Quad House" mean a private place surrounded in a square area of land surrounded by houses on each side. Turning north on the second floor there is a balcony and from here people can see the ancient Qianmen tower, the Great Hall of the People, the CBD building which will be 500 m higher, giving people a little surreal, unique and imaginative view.

The design of the Gallery at Hyatt Place Sanya draws on the visual symbols of the Sanya culture, providing guests with a fresh and natural dining experience. The shape introduces the dynamic “waves” into the still space. It continues and expands in the body of the heterogeneous buildings that are also full of changes.  The restaurant highlights the brand's vitality in a stylish and light tone. The diversity of seats, lighting, and floor materials eliminates the embarrassment of irregularly shaped and oversized areas in the restaurant, giving more freedom of choice.

Kava & Chai is a homegrown speciality coffeehouse that promotes Arab culture and traditions. This 376 sq.ft specialty coffee shop is located at Mall of the Emirates in a very prime location with expected high traffic demands. The focal point of the design are the tubes installation and globe lights with the overall inspiration coming from the Arabica tree and clusters of coffee beans. 

The World Architecture News Awards showcase the best international design in both current and future projects. All 2019 entries can be seen here. 

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