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    Le Méridien Zhongshan - BLVD International

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    Zabeel House - LW

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    Zabeel House - LW

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    Atlantis Sanya - Jeffrey Beers International

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    Toronto Marriott Markham - II BY IV DESIGN

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    Toronto Marriott Markham - II BY IV DESIGN


Design sets the scene for worldwide hotels

Emilia Nuzzaci
12 Aug 2019

With emphasis on creating a relevant atmosphere, these entries use design to set the mood of their project.

Le Méridien Zhongshan - BLVD International hotel was completed on September 1, 2018. The design unveils the cultural glamour of this historic town with new visions, throwing guests to the past when the city was called Heung-san. Inspired by “mountains”, it infuses fun and excitement into the hotel and arouses curiosity with French elegance of Le Méridien. The integration of designs from various cultures creates a calming atmosphere and vibe, full of water features and soft lighting. 

Creating meaningful connections with the local culture while sharing its legendary plethora of water immersive experiences, Atlantis Sanya - Jeffrey Beers International creates memorable encounters etched in the guests’ minds as it embarks on a journey that continues to celebrate the awe inspiring beauty of aquatic life and its source; water. As guests meander around the environment, gaze at the floors, walls and ceilings, the allusion to the explosive strength and quiet grace of water would be palpable, creating a unique atmosphere of both serenity and strength.

Zabeel House - LW is the new lifestyle hotel by Jumeirah, catering for families, travellers and businessmen alike, with all the familiarities of the Jumeirah brand, in an afforded luxury way. The lobby arrival presents guests with the atmosphere of a social meeting place, a neighbourhood vibe where people engage around communal tables. The carefully designed open plan layout means that the urban lobby blends seamlessly into the all-day dining, creating a lively buzz. A unique collection of eclectic furniture such as locally produced chairs, bold rugs from the local souq and modern Arabic highlights juxtaposes with urban finishes such as concrete effect tiles and wire mesh ceiling panels to create an unpredictable experience. 

The internationally renowned Toronto Marriott Markham - II BY IV DESIGN is a 192,000 square-foot luxury hotel, illuminating the Downtown Markham community, a vibrant and flourishing area north of Toronto. Developed and operated by the Remington Group, the LEED Silver building seamlessly integrates features for hotel guests, residents of the neighbouring condominiums, business individuals, and public groups from all cultures and disciplines. 

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