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    The Bio Island Headquarters - Studio A+

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    Confidential Association Headquarters - Commercial Office

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    Confidential Association Headquarters - Commercial Office

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    Capital Markets Authority Headquarters - Pace | Architecture, Engineering + Planning

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    Sberbank Technopark - Zaha Hadid Architects

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    Sberbank Technopark - Zaha Hadid Architects

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    Dayjust Scenic Hill

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    Dayjust Scenic Hill


Imaginative future for commercial projects

Alison Carter
14 Aug 2019

The first spiritual and ecological homeland in China, just one of the innovative transformations shining through in these WAN Award entries.

The aim of POMO from SPARK is to transform a building corner, at the main road junction into an attraction for a mobile generation of ‘instagrammers’, content creators, and experience seekers.  The ‘social stairs’ form a catchment entrance provide public seating and direct access to the basement, with a 24-hour food street, gym and a ‘social washroom’. Elements like performance areas, public study and work zones, vending machines and lockers, are integrated into the stairway. 

Situated in the Norwest Business Park in Sydney, Australia, a conventional warehouse is transformed into The Bio Island Headquarters, an enterprise specializing in health products. The concept manifests the enterprise’s commitment to daily health, to encourage the happiness and wellbeing of people today. A floating gesture is achieved by freeing up parts on ground floor and allowing access from multiple directions. It blurs the boundary between the inside and outside, amplifying permeability. Besides the central oasis, a series of gardens distributed throughout the space, making the architecture and its environment a cohesive entity. Massive solar photovoltaic panels and light pipes are installed on roof top for energy efficiency.

A leading sustainability industry association engaged Commercial Office to imagine the next revolution of the headquarters building as a bold embodiment of how we must work in the future. To achieve that goal the design of Confidential Association Headquarters focuses on four components to success: efficiency, sustainability, resiliency and desirability. Each must carefully work in concert to the other, to achieve the most innovative results and ultimately revolutionize the headquarters paradigm.

The Dayjust Scenic Hill project is a complex of architectural space with the theme of human settlement, recreational and sports activities and health care. The space is guided by the concept of “seed & regeneration” and “glowing stones”. It incorporates the modern healthy living concepts of ecological habitat, life technology, digital treatment, a health care butler, cultural activities, presenting a healthy living and living environment of a modern urban space with “life renewal, regeneration, and warm” in Guiyang Dayjust· Scenic Hill. It is committed to becoming the first spiritual and ecological homeland in China.

Established in 1841, Sberbank is the market leader of the Russian banking and economic circulatory system. More than 70% of Russia’s population rely on Sberbank’s services.  The 262,000 square metre Sberbank Technopark will accommodate 17,000 people working in Sberbank’s information technology and marketing departments. Considered to be Russia’s Silicon Valley, Skolkovo is Moscow's new centre for the laboratories and campuses of Russia’s fast developing IT, biomedical, energy, nuclear and space innovations.

The Kuwait Capital Markets Authority (CMA) is an important symbol of Kuwait. It was established in 2010 as the guardian of the financial stability of the Kuwait Stock Exchange, the oldest stock exchange in the Gulf region. CMA approached Pace to design a dynamic new permanent home, its Capital Markets Authority Headquarters for 1,200 employees on the peninsula of the Gulf Sea with a clear objective to create a place where they can enjoy their working lives and experience enriching interactions. The concept extracts inspiration from the courtyard homes that define Kuwait's tradition. The design creates a structure that mirrors the organisation’s own through a series of stacked courtyard 'houses' enveloped within a glass and stone facade.

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