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    Creative Travel Corporate Office - Kumar Moorthy and Associates

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    Solaz Los Cabos - Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos

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    Solaz Los Cabos - Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos

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    The Sales Center in Wenzhou TOD New Town - NAN Architects

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    The Sales Center in Wenzhou TOD New Town - NAN Architects

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    Glorieta Insurgentes Tower - CIMET Arquitectos


Creative, practical and commercial

Alison Carter
19 Aug 2019

Standout WAN Awards entries from India, Mexico and China.

This design for a Creative Travel Corporate Office, a 5000 sq.m. building on a 2100 sq.m. lot in a semi industrial suburb of New Delhi in India attempts to insert a functionally and visually sophisticated office into gritty, visually unkempt surroundings.  Discarding the glass box aesthetic, the materiality of the built form merges industrial materials like raw steel framework with polished materials like metal sheathing, thin tile cladding and extensive yet shaded screened glazing into a visually complex and articulated exterior using a restrained material palette in shades of grey, while the suspended frame of planters make greenery itself a core feature of the exterior.

The Glorieta Insurgentes Tower stands as a landmark in Mexico City with an elegant and timeless design, which articulates Chapultepec Avenue with the Insurgentes Roundabout taking its semicircular shape to develop an office building of 26 levels, 120 m height. The tower has direct access to the plaza through a new pedestrian path underground, encouraging the use of public transport in a city where movement is a major issue. The conception of the project includes comfort, functionality, sustainability and energy efficiency with LEED Platinum Certification, transit oriented development with TOD Standard Silver Certification, seismic resilience, construction quality and ease of maintenance.

The Sales Center in Wenzhou TOD New Town adopts the traditional simple box structure and lies on flat land. The large box is divided into three flat boxes and then stacked and staggered to form open terraces, which also resolves the heaviness and depression of the large-scale volume. The vertical atrium enhances the permeability of the building, allowing sunlight and air to penetrate into the building, making people surrounded by nature. The structure is consisted by well jointed concave hexagon, takes 1.2m as the structure span. 

Another entry from Mexico, the Solaz Los Cabos sits in the stunning natural surroundings of the peninsula of Baja California. With its semi-desert landscape in shades of ocher, contrasting with the deep blue of the Sea of Cortes, the area provides an ideal selected context for the construction of a new landmark hotel for the region and country.

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