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    Taif Master plan - Affordable Housing - Ministry of Housing

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    Urbanest - Allen Jack + Cottier


Affordable housing: a global perspective

Alison Carter
19 Aug 2019

An insight into vital housing schemes supporting the growth of communities in Saudi Arabia and Australia

The Taif Master plan in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been crafted along the Wadi corridors and Natural Rocky Park reserves. The design incorporates these natural features into the Open Space and Amenities network throughout the site and the development of the site has been structured around a Town Centre Core, with the Neighborhoods Nodes distributed along the Ring Road Boulevard connecting the entire site.  Major cCommunity fFacilities including a cCultural cCentre and souk mMarket are planned, together with a 300 keys hotel.

Urbanest  Darling Square One+Two is a 1,300-bed student housing community made up of two towers, between the old warehouse district of Ultimo to the west and the new Darling Square precinct and Sydney Harbour to the east. The eastern facades are inspired by the play of light on the harbour with subtly angled panels that shine and cast dynamic shadows as the sun tracks over the façade. The subtle reflections of sky and surroundings on the angled panels redouble the colour palette to create a shimmering effect reminiscent of light reflecting off water.

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