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Avenier Cornejo’s modern housing style complements oldest street in Paris

Georgina Johnston
24 Mar 2020

Social housing development made of solid brick offers a contemporary take on the historical Parisian heritage

Rue de Charenton is one of the oldest and longest streets in Paris, featuring buildings with heterogeneous appearances and heights. Located between a classic Haussmann building and a fully ornamented brick construction from 1900, Haussmann’s heritage coexists with constructions of the early 20th century and other historic and protected buildings.

The façade is made of solid brick with a hollow joint and its design displays an arc-shaped corner that makes the transition with the adjacent buildings. Here and there, glazed blue bricks offer a contemporary take on this typical Parisian heritage. Perforated aluminium shutters make the façade more vibrant, and offer intimacy for the terraces and interior spaces of the apartments.

At the back of the building is a compact U-typology, providing a large and transparent façade facing south-west, with a small collective garden on the ground floor and private outdoors at each level for all apartments. Configured this way, it avoids shadows falling across the the building itself as well as its neighbours. All apartment typologies have been studied to improve architectural, spatial and environmental qualities and all dwellings have an outdoor private space, full height sliding walls to easily split spaces and bathrooms and kitchens with natural light.

On the ground floor, a moucharabieh provides light to the bike garage and storage room. The transparent and walkthrough lobby offers views on the backyard. The sixth floor is also thought of as a peaceful and vegetalized space. This project is the first Parisian social housing development with positive energy and Bepos Effinergie label. The project is a delicate balance between interior and exterior, private and collective spaces, contemporary expression and continuity with Paris’ historic architecture.

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