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Fernando Menis designs Europe’s second Rodin Museum in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The plot features over 15,000 sq m of public green space and a listed neo-gothic church

by Séan Thurgood 28 November 2022

The Viera y Clavijo Cultural Park is being transformed into an urban oasis. As part of this renovation, the neo-gothic church, Colegio de la Asunción is being restored and preserved. As the only example of neo-gothic religious architecture, the structure has gained listed status despite its current crumbling condition. The current intention is to consolidate and preserve the original character.

Located near the intersection of one of the main urban areas of the city, the park has the potential to connect with the rest of the avenues and reverse its isolation from the rest of the city. With the new addition of a museum dedicated to the works of french artist Auguste Rodin, this will become the third museum in the world dedicated exclusively to the sculptor’s works.

Overlooking the sea and ravine, the large public space hosts extensive gardens. The area is home to an immense Ceiba, a Caribbean tree with a crown diameter of over 20m, which provides a long shadow which many locals use for shade on warm days, and a bronze sculpture by artist Joan Miró.

The extension of the area plans to create a green ring around the current part and introduce more Ceibas to form a small forest. Additional plants will be grown in orchards for pedagogical purposes and to revive an old tradition from the former church.  

Adhering to Zero Kilometre principles, the redesign will only be using local materials, craft, and companies. Through the use of durable recycled aggregate, limestone and picón (local volcanic stone), the designers aim to achieve passive solutions for light, ventilation and irrigation.

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