Studio Seilern Architects craft luxurious private villa on the island of Paros, Greece

Blending contemporary and traditional styles, the structure sits in the path of the setting August sun

by Séan Thurgood 06 December 2022

The structure sits above an olive grove on the west coast of the island with a negative-edge pool cantilevering towards the Aegean Sea. The design features an adjacent pergola, roofed with bamboo and featuring a single oculus that brings light onto the poolside chiselled lounge.

Across a total area of 710 sq m, the surroundings are built upon overlapping terrazzo slabs which appear to float above the soil, while clad in rustic mirrors that reflect against the Mediterranean sky. 

Texture plays an important role in the richness of the building. Using white stucco render and stone walls is reminiscent of the traditional style of construction, hemmed by Greek marble and terrazzo at the apertures. Aliveri marble frames the windows, inspired by the stone that marks the entrance of Parian churches.

The house reacts to the wonderful surrounding views and has been organised  for the August sunset by arranging the layout around the East-West axis. We wanted to create an architecture that seems to touch the earth lightly - slabs of terrazzo float and barely touch each other at the corners. The swimming pool cantilevers over the olive grove, giving the impression that it is levitating.

Christina Seilern, Architect, Studio Seilern Architects

Within the structure, counters and benches feature sandblasted and chiselled stone. A subtle gradation between the different terrazzo surfaces offers layers of intricacy without overloading the project. 

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