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ACPV Architects redesign broadcaster Rai’s offices in Rome, Italy

The new design will focus on the principles of sustainability and biophilia

by Séan Thurgood 24 October 2022

With the ever-changing landscape of the workplace, the design of the offices focuses on creating modern and flexible spaces to cater to individual needs. It features a new outdoor garden in addition to the one in the internal courtyard, a new spatial distribution that streamlines information flows and improvements to the acoustic, lighting and thermal comfort of employees. 

The project redevelops all the facades in order to guarantee the building's energy efficiency and sustainability, while maintaining its original compositional language by enhancing the existing architectural structures that date back to the 1960's. We will also reinterpret the roof that will integrate new technological and building systems requirements.

Antonio Citterio, Architect and Chairman, ACPV Architects

Following principles of bioclimatic and sustainable design the building will increase the amount of space dedicated to employee wellbeing. In addition the use of advanced technological and IT solutions will optimise efficiency and improve the management and maintenance of the structure. 

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