BXB designs 'human-centred' Cavehouse in Poland

The human-centered biophilic design house combines ecological and sustainable architecture innovation

by Staff writer 20 January 2023

BXB Studio is designing ‘The Cave House’ in Poland – a building centred around ‘biophilic’ design, a form of architecture focused on human health and wellbeing.
The Cave House, inspired by the legend of the Wawel Dragon, will be built on a plot overgrown with ferns, in the immediate vicinity of the Wolski Forest, near Błonia, and will have a view of the Polish capital Krakow.
The 1000 m2 single-family house will be completed in 2023. Its terrace is covered with a flower meadow, and features an outdoor kitchen and a jacuzzi. The meadow also features a discreet solar farm discreetly hidden in the zig-zig hollows.

Lead architect Boguslaw Barnas said: ”This is one of the most intelligent, ecological, innovative and structurally and technologically complex houses we have ever designed in BXB studio.”

The ground floor of the building, which levitates over the Cave, houses an open daily zone - a two-level entrance hall, a living room open to the view of the northern panorama of Krakow and the southern Wolski Forest, a panoramic kitchen in the north-western corner of the house and south-western dining room located directly on the outdoor terrace adjacent to the Wolski Forest.
On the ground floor, the house features a spa area with a swimming pool glazed on three sides, which has access to external terraces.
The living area has the character of a modern, modernist, fully glazed interior. The first floor is formed by spaces of smaller rooms, the interiors of which resemble cozy cottages covered with gable roof vaults.
The building will be equipped with the latest intelligent systems that will ensure optimal energy efficiency combined with the natural environment, geothermal energy, irrigation systems, rainwater utilization systems, wall heating and cooling systems, heat pumps, natural ventilation, and the use of solar energy.