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Design practice seeks sustainable solutions

Project: The Peacock, NIO Chengdu

Award: Emerging Interiors Practice of the Year, Gold, 2022

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Design practice: August Green

Design practice, August Green, is home to a growing interdisciplinary team working across Asia, Europe and the United States – all with the ethos of improving the places we live through design. With an emphasis on designs that have a positive influence on the built and natural environment, August Green believes that true sustainability is based on understanding that every decision made impacts lives today and in the future. 

Design highlights

August Green’s design highlights in 2022 included the Peacock Cellar in Shanghai. Turning the idea of a traditional wine-storage facility on its head, the Peacock Cellar features more than one thousand individually handcrafted blue glazed clay tiles, which glisten like peacock feathers. It combines contemporary fabrication technologies with ancient craftsmanship - the design team worked with unique artisans from a historic porcelain town to create the tiles. 
Another highlight was NIO HOUSE - a showroom gallery and members clubhouse for the Electric Car Brand NIO. August Green designed a space capable of adapting to the future demands of the brand and which features a living wall, an automatic moving wall and automated sliding mirrored glass doors.

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