Acoustic design is a central element to inclusive design in architecture.

Buro Happold boosts acoustic design team

Leading sound expert Frank Reder brings insights into music performance and interiors

by Staff writer 23 May 2023 Accessories

Acoustic design company Buro Happold has announced the appointment of Frank Reder as its US discipline lead.

Joining the engineering consultancy’s team of over 40 acoustics specialists worldwide, Reder will consult on methods for creating the right level of acoustical performance across a wide variety of buildings and interior spaces — from the everyday to the extraordinary. 

Reder’s related experience stems in part from his background as a jazz guitarist and largely from his work with the world’s leading architects and institutions.

His recent projects have included the Obama Presidential Centre, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the National Geographic auditorium, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, the Avenues World School in Shenzen, Central Park Tower, Comcast Technology Center, and TWA Flight Center Hotel at JFK Airport, as well as several Apple Stores.

Involved in all facets of acoustic consulting from sound transmission and privacy to reverberation and mechanical system noise, Reder also brings specialised knowledge of designing performance halls and recording studios — where acoustics plays a starring role.

According to Reder, acoustic design is a central element to sustainability, wellness, and inclusive design in architecture, best addressed with early and ongoing involvement.

“People are just getting smarter about acoustics — they expect better, and project teams are answering to higher aspirations from their clients and audiences,” he said.

“Savvy design approaches include acoustics teams being involved throughout, from the very first project planning meeting. That’s so important to helping avoid downstream adjustments and to integrating solid principles for comprehensive and positive acoustical outcomes that really enhance sustainability and wellness.”

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