Largest automated car park unveiled in the Netherlands

Finding a parking spot shouldn’t be a problem in Amsterdam, thanks to the largest underground parking system in the Netherlands which has just opened in the city’s canal district.

by Staff writer 06 September 2023

In a city known for being bike and pedestrian friendly, the project will relieve the UNESCO World Heritage listed part of the centre from stationary traffic and create space for pedestrians, cyclists and greenery to make a more liveable city.

The underground parking facility includes space for  270 vehicles. The project was implemented by Lödige Industries on behalf of the municipality of Amsterdam and is part of its ‘Agenda Amsterdam Autoluw’, a long-term policy with the general principle to have fewer cars in the city. It is the 34th automated parking system in the Netherlands to be installed by the company, which has installed systems across Europe, Australia and North America. The underground parking facilities will partly replace the on-street parking spaces previously used. Three modern entrance cabins designed by the Dutch architectural firm, Angie Abbink X CO, are available for parking or requesting a vehicle. These are the only visible signs above ground, of the parking system below and are designed to reduce its visual impact on the Amsterdam Canal District. The system is capable of parking and charging up to 56 electric vehicles with an option to upgrade and charge more vehicles in the future. An EV-payment system is in planning, will enable users to charge and pay for their consumption later this year.




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