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Monastery provides a fitting final home for buddha artefacts

“I love how each Buddha has its own platform. You feel like this is a place of reflection, there is softness to the palette that is very calming. This is a place I would like to visit,” Anna Simone, Judge

Project: Zushan Ji Xin Monastery, Wood Buddha Statue Museum

Location: Qin Huangdao, China

Award: Judges' Award - Outstanding Project of the Year 2023

Design Practice: ARCHSTUDIO

Client: Zushan Xinchao Tourism Development Co., Ltd

The camphor wood Buddha statues that form the centre piece of the Wood Buddha Statue Museum changed hands multiple times over the course of several decades until being returned to China, and their new home at Ji Xin Monastery. Drawing inspiration from religious symbols like Mandala and Borobudur, the design for the Wood Buddha Statue Museum interprets the spiritual essence of Buddha culture and art in a contemporary and innovative way.

A hollow Buddha pagoda in the centre of the hall provides a vertical display for the Buddha statues. The pagoda has seven layers that grow steadily narrower to meet at the square ceiling of the hall. Ornamental features such as lotus-shaped pedestals create a visual effect of ripples spreading within the pagoda.

Design highlights

To control the amount of natural light entering the building, a translucent film is applied to the exterior glass surfaces. The pagoda's structural beauty is accentuated using concealed lighting, which illuminates the building's form. At the dome of the pagoda, three layers of lighting troughs are installed, with each layer gradually transitioning to a lighter colour.

{{1533626 - Zushan Ji Xin Monastery}}

Photo credit: Wang Ning, Jin Weiqi, Xiao Shiming

  • CHIEF DESIGNER: Han Wenqiang
    DESIGNER: Wang Tonghui


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